Stepping Contactor | Switching high loads with a single pulse

Stepping Contactor | Chaveando cargas maiores com um pulso

In this article we will talk about the new stepping contactor of theComat Releco group the RBC. Already present in another article the family of silent contactors RIC, contactors that not producing noise when its coil is activated and feature size and design optimized, Now the family of silent contactors of Comat Releco grew and also includes stepping contactors and auto-on-off contactors.

Stepping contator, switching loads with a single pulse.

contator-de-impusoIn common contactors, the contacts are attracted by the magnetic field generated by the coil when it is traveled by a chain, and at a time when this current is interrupted, the magnetic field ends, and the contacts return to their normal state that kind of contactor are known as "all or nothing", This occurs because its nucleus has a magnetic induction field practically null due to a thermal treatment that is submitted in the manufacturing process.

However in the case of a stepping, as well as in impulse relays, There is a special coil that holds the state of the contact with only a pulse in your coil. This is possible due to a mechanism that uses magnetic force produced by the coil to trigger a mechanical system to lock the state of contacts

Application examples for stepping contactor

An example application for an impulse contactor is to control the distribution of energy in residential automation, a bistable contactor can be used to switch the power supply of a residence after the breakers, being controlled by a button, a contact sensor, or even a PLC. The advantage of using a pulse contactor in this application is that even in the event of a power failure, and that your coil is not energized he will maintain the State of their switched contacts.

Boost contactors family

The Group Comat Releco offers the ideal contactor for your application, We possess of contactors 1, 2 or 4 contacts in a variety of configurations of normally open (ON / NOT) and normally closed (NF / NC) working with nominal current in a strip of 20 up to 63A.

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Check out the catalogue of the new line of contactors Releco Comat group.

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