About us | Comat Releco group

Since the founding of the first plant in 1962 in Madrid in Spain, Comat Releco group has evolved to become the world's leading supplier of industrial components with high reliability. Within the core competencies are products like timers, Industrial relays and monitoring. The product portfolio is appreciated by a worldwide reputation excellent. Having the quality management System certificate according to ISO 9001 Since 1996.

Two strong brands

Comat Releco and are two well-established brands that for decades are sustained on the pillar of an excellent reputation in its complementary market segments.

Releco since 1962, develops and manufactures mainly high-quality industrial relays and focuses on a variety of characteristics, features and applications to cover the specific needs of each client in the most diverse applications ranging from Industrial, Offshore, Port, Railway, Energy, Iron And Steel Industry, until applications in Nuclear power plants.

Comat since 1970, offers complete solutions, including software and services in the areas of Timing, And monitoring Relays SMS with GSM technology, In addition to miniature Contactors and Industrial Controllers.

Customer centricity and high technology

The Group continually invests in P&(D), sustaining and ensuring a high rate of innovation. Evidence of this are the numerous international awards received patent. The culture of the group is customer oriented everywhere and is supported from a team of P&(D) highly qualified.

Head Office Switzerland – Worldwide presence

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Due to a firm and solid partnership with a network of distributors sprayed the group is present in all world markets. Currently the Group has 3 plants being these in Switzerland, Spain and China in addition to maintaining new subsidiaries in Germany, France and Brazil, What makes it possible to offer a full range of products with high standards that are applied from Industrial Automation, customized solutions for applications and solutions for the Rail segment.