Multi-function timer relay – CIM Timer, the timer for any time

Can you imagine have in just a Timer, more than 400 different uses?

Temporizador-multifuncao-CIMThe Comat already, that's why we have developed one of the most complete solutions in the market timing, so you do not have to have dozens of timers on your stock for replacement when only one Timer solves your problem.

The vast majority of Timers available on the market, are devices designed for a single application, thereby each timer plays only a function, do not adjust the time interval or have a very small range, In addition to work only in specific currents and voltages without much flexibility, Already the CIM line time relays in addition to possess multiple functions, It has set in the time interval, In addition to operate within wide voltage and current.

Timer CIM Multi-Function ComatThe CIM Line timers (CIM1, CIM12, CIM13, CIM14), are Time relays multi-function, with nine and seven functions of time intervals 50 ms until 60 hours. These timers, are suitable for applications performed by pulse relays and staircase in addition to the functions of multi-function timers. They are designed to operate in a range of AC/DC 24V up to 240V with automatic voltage selection, being able to switch rated current up to 16 The in 240V. Have versions with solid state outputs 1.2 to, 250 V/AC in the case of CIM12, and 4A, 24V/DC in the case of CIM13.

The CIM1x complies with the standards DIN 43880 in a dimension of installation 17,5 mm.

CIM timer functions

  • Delay on energisation - On delay (Function E) – the timer starts a timing immediately when its coil is fed, However your contact (output) is only triggered after the given time, This way there is a delay on energization of the device to which the timer will trigger;
  • Flashing / Cyclical (Function B) – the timer flashing on and off according to the predefined time, in equal on and off cycles, as a flasher, is commonly function requires a start pulse, When you remove the start pulse the timer to automatically the count of cycles;
  • Flashing / Cyclical (expiring impulse) (Function B1) – identical to the above function, However in this case the start pulse function is interrupted before a count of the cycles the Timer ends the last click remaining time completing this and after that its operation is terminated;
  • Single Shot (Function K/W) – in this function the timer counts the predetermined time and after this interrupts the output, independent of the “size” the start pulse, It's function is indicated when the start pulse irregular can come, that is now long, well short. In this way the timer receives the independent pulse “size” and modulates to a standard;
  • Single clock rising edge (Function W) – function much like the function (K/W) described above, However the firing (output drive) happens at the exact moment that the start is triggered. As the description informs on the edge of the ramp start. In this function the timer operates immediately with the start pulse;
  • Single clock edge Fall (Function N) – function much like the function (K/W) described above, However the firing (output drive) happens at the exact moment that the start is removed. As the description informs on the edge of descent from the start. In this function the timer operates immediately when the start clock is removed;
  • Off Delay (Function A) – in this function the relay or the output of the timer is triggered immediately when the start pulse is fired, But while the timer still powered, at the time the start pulse is taken off the timer begins its count and terminates its operation at the end of the predetermined time;
  • Impulse switching (Function S) – This function behaves like a Timer Relay step, or memory relay. When it receives a pulse the Timer turns on and remains on until it receives a disconnect. In many cases it is recommended to use magnetic remanence relays;
  • Staircase (Function LS) – typically used in buildings and halls for lighting activation is a function where the timer receives a pulse and triggers for a predetermined time lamps.

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